Company Profile

The history of the Rubinacci company is the history of the Rubinacci family.

It is a fascinating story that has seen fathers and sons challenge ever-changing markets with unwavering perseverance. It is the result of a family philosophy that has always looked to improvement, innovation, competitiveness and quality.

Giovanni Rubinacci inaugurated his first factory specialising in fine wooden picture frames in July 1970, in the province of Naples. Thanks to constant investment in research and development and the acquisition of technology that could guarantee increasingly precise, automatic and sustainable production, the company evolved and expanded rapidly. In 2000, thanks to the experience gained and the insight of Giuseppe Rubinacci, a revolutionary range of doors and windows began production.

In 2017, the Rubinacci brand expanded its range to include furniture, combining ‘old’ expertise gained over the years with the innovative contribution of qualified designers. This evolution, which has gradually and consistently developed over time, has made the company what it is today: a benchmark in the field of interior design.

Walking into a Rubinacci factory is an extraordinary experience: you find yourself in a place where your love for wood is re-kindled. This precious, flexible material is handled by expert craftsmen to create outstanding products. Varieties of wood, grain, fragrances and touch sensations combine in a place where tradition meets modernity.